Live in the U.S.

K-1 Fiancé/Fiancée Visa

The K-1 nonimmigrant visa benefits fiancés and fiancées of U.S. citizen petitioners. Fiancés and fiancées of U.S. Ctizens may live in the U.S. with a K-1 Fiancé/Fiancée visa, and bring their minor children through K-2 Minor Child of K-1 visa.

The K-1 Visa allows the fiancé/fiancée to come to the U.S. to be able to marry the U.S. Citizen petitioner. After the marriage, the K-1 Fiancé/Fiancée and the K-2 Minor Child of K-1 become immediate relative/s being now the spouse and minor child of a U.S. Citizen, respectively; and can adjust status to that of permanent resident/s.

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